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  • Robot designed for faster, safer uranium plant pipe cleanup
    Ohio crews cleaning up a massive former Cold War-era uranium enrichment plant in Ohio plan this summer to deploy a high-tech helper: an autonomous, radiation-measuring robot that will roll through miles of large overhead pipes to spot potentially hazardous residual uranium.
  • After Facebook scrutiny, is Google next?
    Facebook has taken the lion's share of scrutiny from Congress and the media about data-handling practices that allow savvy marketers and political agents to target specific audiences, but it's far from alone. YouTube, Google and Twitter also have giant platforms awash in more videos, posts and pages than any set of human eyes could ever check. Their methods of serving ads against this sea of content may come under the microscope next.
  • DOJ looks into how AT&T, Verizon handle defecting customers
    The Justice Department has opened an antitrust investigation into whether AT&T, Verizon and a standards-setting group worked together to stop consumers from easily switching wireless carriers.
  • Legendary scientist at lab that developed atomic bomb dies
    Scientist Nerses "Krik" Krikorian, who was born a refugee and later became a legend in the once-secret New Mexico city where the atomic bomb was developed, has died. He was 97.
  • California regulators investigating worker safety at Tesla
    Workplace safety regulators say they are investigating two incidents at automaker Tesla's factory in Northern California.