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  • Method for DNA programmed material synthesis
    For the first time, FAU engineers have succeeded in producing complex crystal lattices, so-called clathrates, from nanoparticles using DNA strands. The programmed synthesis of clathrates represents a template for the precision modelling of novel nanomaterials. DNA is the blueprint of biologic...
  • Visualising the distribution of chemical substances on samples with non-flat surfaces
    The chemical analysis of biological tissues with three-dimensional shapes has previously been a major problem. Researchers from three different institutes of the Beutenberg Campus in Jena, Germany, together have now improved mass spectrometry imaging in a way that the distribution of molecules ca...
  • Nanocages for gold particles: what is happening inside?
    Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology have used high-resolution crystallography to uncover the mechanism behind protein-assisted synthesis of gold nanoparticles, providing a platform for designing nanomaterials tailored for biomedical application. In living organisms, free metal ions are...
  • New electron source for materials analysis
    Jülich physicists have succeeded in accelerating the determination of material properties as well as making it more efficient. They have developed a special electron source which greatly simplifies the measurement of material surfaces and shortens the time needed for a measurement from days to mi...
  • A 21st-century roadmap for biomedical research
    JRC scientist contributes to the definition of a 21st-century roadmap for biomedical research which proposes the use of human-specific models and innovative in vitro technologies instead of animals. Toxicological testing is undergoing a paradigm shift, away from observing adverse effects in w...

  • Lawrence Berkeley Lab Historical Photos
    Historical photographs of the Radiation Lab at Berkeley from 1935 to the 1960s at the National Archives. Some examples: 60-inch cyclotron (1939) 184-inch cyclotron (1946) E. O. Lawrence at the 184-inch cyclotron controls (1948)
  • Isotopes Matter
    IUPAC Isotopes Matter interactive periodic table of the elements.
  • The New Dawn of Cancer Surgery
    Ron Heeren, University professor at Maastricht University and Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging Institute, speaking at TEDxMaastricht: “The New Dawn of Cancer Surgery”.
  • Susan Richardson Reddit AMA
    Last month environmental chemist and mass spectrometrist Susan Richardson, Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Carolina did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (“AMA”) on Swimming Pool Chemistry.