• Liquid battery could lead to flexible energy storage
    A new type of energy storage system could revolutionise energy storage and drop the charging time of electric cars from hours to seconds. In a new paper published in the journal Nature Chemistry, chemists from the University of Glasgow discuss how they developed a flow battery system using a n... - 15.08.2018
  • Insight into loss processes in perovskite solar cells enables efficiency improvements
    In perovskite solar cells, charge carriers are mainly lost through recombination occurring at interface defect sites. In contrast, recombination at defect sites within the perovskite layer does not limit the performance of the solar cells at present. Teams from the University of Potsdam and the H... - 14.08.2018
  • Biodegradable, paper-based biobatteries
    The batteries of the future may be made out of paper. Researchers at Binghamton University, State University at New York have created a biodegradable, paper-based battery that is more efficient than previously possible. For years, there has been excitement in the scientific community about the... - 13.08.2018
  • World record: Fastest 3D tomographic images at BESSY II
    An HZB team has developed an ingenious precision rotary table at the EDDI beamline at BESSY II and combined it with particularly fast optics. This enabled them to document the formation of pores in grains of metal during foaming processes at 25 tomographic images per second - a world record. T... - 10.08.2018
  • Understanding soil through its microbiome
    Soil is full of life, essential for nutrient cycling and carbon storage. To better understand how it functions, an international research team led by EMBL and the University of Tartu (Estonia) conducted the first global study of bacteria and fungi in soil. Their results show that bacteria and fun... - 09.08.2018

  • Ultra-Sensitive Online Viscometer
    Testa Analytical Solutions e.K has introduced a highly sensitive, online differential viscometer which can be used as part of a triple detector GPC/SEC system to determine the size and conformation of all types of synthetic polymers, biopolymers, - 01.01.1970
  • Automation Friendly Cell Growth Microplates
    Porvair Science has extended its BactiGrowth range of specially packaged plates designed to enable high yield growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian or insect cell lines.  Precisely manufactured to conform to the automation-friendly ANSI/SBS format, - 01.01.1970
  • Doubling the Speed of Microplate Sample Evaporation
    Genevac has published data which shows how Heat Transfer Plates improve evaporation results when drying microplate samples, by improving the flow of heat to the product. A major factor in determining the speed of evaporation is the rate at which - 01.01.1970
  • Separation & Characterisation of Self Assembling Block Copolymers
    Postnova Analytics reports on how Thermal Field Flow Fractionation has been successfully used to elucidate the core microstructure, morphology and chain arrangement of self-assembling block copolymers. This pioneering study was undertaken by the - 01.01.1970
  • Picodrop Pico200 micro-volume Spectrophotometer - Celebrates 10yrs of Excellence
    Picodrop Pico200 micro-volume Spectrophotometer - The award winning technology The Pico200 Quantica is the latest addition to the Picodrop range of microliter spectrophotometers. Picodrop provides the ultimate solution to microliter - 01.01.1970