• How crystalline structure can affect the performance of MnO2 catalysts
    Scientists at Tokyo Tech have developed and analyzed a novel catalyst for the oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural, which is crucial for generating new raw materials that replace the classic non-renewable ones used for making many plastics. It should be no surprise to most readers that findin... - 16.01.2019
  • Controversy over molecularity of catalysts solved
    Collaborative research between the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) Lloret-Fillol group and the Costas group from the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC) of the University of Girona, has shed light on a long controversy over the molecular nature of the cata... - 15.01.2019
  • Producing vaccines without the use of chemicals
    Producing vaccines is a tricky task - especially in the case of inactivated vaccines, in which pathogens must be killed without altering their structure. Until now, this task has generally involved the use of toxic chemicals. Now, however, an innovative new technology developed by Fraunhofer rese... - 14.01.2019
  • Rare metals from e-waste
    This year, beautifully wrapped laptops, mobile phones or even new TV sets lay under numerous Christmas trees. They are enthusiastically put into use - and the old electronic devices are disposed of. The e-waste contains resources such as neodymium, indium and gold. What happens to the valuable ma... - 11.01.2019
  • Rio de Janeiro gets a pilot plant to explore energy from waste
    A national technology to process and explore energy from organic waste started being tested in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Installed in a processing plant of the City Company of Urban Cleaning (Comlurb), in the Caju neighborhood, the pilot plant has just completed a month in operation and is able... - 10.01.2019