• Existence of blue phosphorus proved
    Until recently, the existence of "blue" phosphorus was pure theory: Now an HZB team was able to examine samples of blue phosphorus at BESSY II for the first time and confirm via mapping of their electronic band structure that this is actually this exotic phosphorus modification. Blue phosphorus i... - 23.10.2018
  • X-rays at the end of the last tunnel
    During the afternoon and evening hours of Friday 5 October, the DESY accelerator team and the European XFEL photon commissioning team worked together to guide the first X-ray light through the last of the facility's initial three X-ray beamlines, SASE2, and towards the last of the currently plann... - 22.10.2018
  • Biological warfare with insects?
    Owing to present-day armed conflicts, the general public is well aware of the terrifying effects of chemical weapons. Meanwhile, the effects of biological weapons have largely disappeared from public awareness. A project funded by a research agency of the US Department of Defense is now giving ri... - 19.10.2018
  • Carbon-Negative Claims for Bio-based Plastic
    Brazilian chemicals company Braskem, producers of I'm green™ - a bio-based polyethylene made from sugarcane - has had its negative carbon footprint credentials strengthened thanks to an independent review by the Carbon Trust. In a new report comparing I'm green™ with fossil-based equivalents, ... - 18.10.2018
  • Permanent, wireless self-charging system using NIR Band
    As wearable devices are emerging, there are numerous studies on wireless charging systems. Here, a KAIST research team has developed a permanent, wireless self-charging platform for low-power wearable electronics by converting near-infrared (NIR) band irradiation to electrical energy. This novel ... - 17.10.2018